Building enduring, meaningful relationships with, customers, partners, and team members is a foundational aspect of Hurricane Express Wash. We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to a member of our team for assistance or to learn more about our company.

Customer Care Center: 855-981-8555

Available Monday – Friday from 8AM-8PM

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    What amenities do you offer?

    Hurricane Express Wash is proud to offer many detailing amenities that are included in your wash. Our vacuum courts are stocked with microfiber towels, window/interior cleaner, bug and tar remover, tire shine, mat washers (at select locations), and compressed air (at select locations). Air fresheners for the rear view mirror are available on request free of charge.

    How do I create an account in the app?

    Download the Hurricane Express Wash app from your phone’s App Store. Inside the app, input your email and select Get Started. Create a password and select Sign Up. A verification code has been sent to your email address to confirm it’s you. Please find this code in your email and input it on your app screen. Next, fill out the additional information on the screen to better customize your wash experience and hit Complete. Read the Terms and Conditions before selecting agree and continue. Your phone should have just received a text message with a verification code to confirm it’s you. Please find this code and input it on your app screen. If you have an existing Hurricane Express Wash membership, please select yes. If no, please select no. You may now add your vehicle information or select Skip. Welcome!

    How do I start a wash in the app?

    To redeem a wash, open your Hurricane Express Wash app once on site. For members, select Start A Wash, then Car Wash, and your barcode will appear. Please scan barcode at the pay station.

    For single wash users, select Pay Per Wash on the Home Screen, select Car Wash, then the wash package you wish to purchase, Checkout, and your barcode will appear. Please scan barcode at the pay station.

    How does the Unlimited Storm Club™ billing work?

    Unlimited Storm Club™ members are billed every 4 weeks (28 days). Members can locate their next billing date inside the Hurricane Express Wash app under the More tab. Select User Settings then Manage Membership. Here you can view all information regarding your current plan.

    I have the Unlimited Storm Club™. How often can I wash my car?

    You can wash once a day, regardless of the car you are in!

    How do I sign up for a Family Plan?

    With our Family Plan, you can add up to 4 additional users to your account at an 80% reduced rate from the full subscription plan pricing. Inside the Hurricane Express Wash app, select the More tab. Select Family Plan and follow the prompts on screen to sign up users. To learn more about the Family Plan, please read “Family Plan Terms of Use” in the Terms & Help tab.

    How do I update my credit card information?

    To update your credit card, please visit the More tab in your Hurricane Express Wash app. You will then navigate to User Settings, Manage Payment Methods, and update/add/remove credit cards as needed.

    How do I update my contact information associated with my account?

    To update your contact information, please visit the More tab in your Hurricane Express Wash app. Select User Settings. To update your name and number, select your name at the top of the screen. To update your email address, please call/text us at 855-981-8555 or email us at

    I got a new phone number and can't log into my app!

    Please log in with the email associated with your account, instead of your phone number. If for some reason you still cannot log in, please text/call us at 855-981-8555 or email us at

    Help! My barcode disappeared before I could scan it.

    If for some reason the wash barcode has disappeared before you were able to scan it, please select the More tab in the Hurricane Express Wash app, then My Usage History, and the date of purchase. If the code has not been redeemed, you may scan it. If the code has been redeemed, a red bar stating the Date of Service will be placed across the barcode stating that it is no longer valid.

    How do I migrate my account?

    From the More tab in the Hurricane Express Wash app, select Migrate Existing Plan. If you have a RFID sticker in the windshield, enter the number you see on the sticker. Otherwise, select License Plate and enter your license plate number. Your name should appear on the screen. Please follow the remaining onscreen directions to complete the account migration.

    How do I use Spin-to-Win wash bucks?

    Spin-to-Win can be played once a day in the Hurricane Express Wash app. Wash Bucks won are automatically attached to the user’s account and can be applied to single washes and memberships. Wash Bucks do not expire.

    Family Plan users: Wash Bucks are only applicable to the account holder’s account. If Wash Bucks are won by family members, those credits can only be applied toward single washes  for that user or memberships should they choose to become a primary account holder in the future.

    How do I cancel my Unlimited Storm Club™ membership?

    If you wish to cancel, this must be done by calling/texting the phone number associated with your membership location at least 5 days prior to your next billing date to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

    If you would prefer to pause your membership for a period of time instead of cancelling altogether, please call/text the phone number associated with your membership location and we would be happy to assist you.

    Please note, if you initially signed up with a promotional rate this will become void upon cancellation and you will not have the promotional rate again if you choose to re-sign up.


    Hurricane Express Wash is not responsible for vehicles over 5 years old or vehicles with over 100,000 miles; Or after market accessories, shark fin antenna, open or leaking windows, previously damaged glass, antennas, wipers, pre-existing damage, items and debris in truck beds, loose trim, or collisions due to braking or driving in car wash tunnel.

    Absolutely no extended trailer hitches, bike/luggage/ladder racks, or cargo carriers allowed.

    For damages that may occur on site, please report them to a team member before leaving the site.